Derman Equine & Canine Chiropractic
Ray E. Derman, D.C., C.V.C.P.


Equine adjustments range from $100.00 to $175.00 per adjustment, depending on the location of the horse, extent of injuries and number of horses being treated at that facility.

Travel fees may pertain depending on the distance and number of horses being treated. Generally, travel is charged at a rate of $1.00 per mile, one-way with a $25.00 minimum.

Canine adjustments are $65.00 for the initial consult and adjustment and $45.00 for all follow-up adjustments.

In extreme cases, Dr. Derman may make house calls for family pets. In such instances, the same travel fees as noted above will apply.

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Equine & Canine Chiropractic
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Whenever considering equine or canine chiropractic care, it is important that you first discuss the appropriateness of this type of treatment with your Veterinarian. If your Veterinarian examines your dog or horse and feels that chiropractic care is appropriate, Dr. Derman is available to assist in a healing solution.